Heat-flow aspects, temperature studies and geothermal assessments can be generally published in a wide range of potential journals. Pure heat-flow studies are, however, often not easily placed nowadays. The International Journal of Terrestrial Heat Flow and Applied Geothermics (IJTHFA) provides a forum for publication of results of high-quality research work dealing with recent advances in field measurement of terrestrial heat flow, regional and global geothermal data analysis, model studies of heat transfer in the Earth's interior and practical applications of geothermal studies.

The focus is on publication of:

  • new experimental and theoretical works on crustal temperatures
  • geothermal gradients
  • thermal properties of geologic materials
  • radiogenic heat production & magma interactions at shallow and deep crustal levels
  • thermo-tectonic processes affecting continental and oceanic crust
  • uplift and subsidence
  • thermal models of crust and lithosphere and studies on structure and evolution of planetary interiors.

Editorial Policy:

IJTHFA considers manuscripts on the condition that they have not been published already nor are they under consideration for publication elsewhere. Articles, submitted for publication in JTHFA is scheduled to undergo peer review process, which is single blinded. All manuscripts submitted must be written in English language. Accepted manuscripts are subject to editorial changes.

Periodicity: International Journal of Terrestrial Heat Flow and Applied Geothermics publish one issue per year, in the month of April.


Vol 3 No 1 (2020) Vol 2 No 1 (2019) Vol 1 No 1 (2018)

Most recent articles

Heat flow variations in the Antarctic Continent
Suze Nei Pereira Guimarães, Fábio Pinto Vieira, Valiya Mannathal Hamza

Differences Between Recent Heat Flow Maps of Poland and Deep Thermo-Seismic and Tectonic Age Constraints
Jacek Andrew Majorowicz, Marek Grad

Geothermal Gradients and Heat Flow in Norte Basin of Uruguay
Ethel Morales, Agostina Pedro, Ricardo De León

Temperature Distribution and Heat Flow Density Estimation in Geothermal Areas of Absheron Peninsula
Aygun Vahid Mammadova

Numerical Simulations of Terrestrial Heat Flow in the Beiras Region, Mainland Portugal
Maria Rosa Alves Duque

Daily temperature variations at the subsurface combined with water level records in Ajameti, Georgia
Guenter Buntebarth, Tamar Jimsheladze, Genadi Kobzev, George Melikadze

Update of Brazilian Heat Flow Data, within the framework of a multiprong referencing system
Valiya Hamza, Fabio Vieira, Jorge Luiz dos Santos Gomes, Suze Guimaraes, Carlos Alexandrino, Antônio Gomes