| The Global Heat Flow Database |

The IHFC Global Heat Flow Database

The recent version of the global heat flow database contains about 60,000 data points (35,523 terrestrial and 23,013 marine data points; status: release 2013). The admission of recent data is in progress - the next update is expected for early 2021 (cf. revision process).

The database is currently under intense revision. The on-going reassessment of structure and quality of the database is supported and driven by the heat-flow community. Learn more about this process. The current compilation does not contain any descriptive metadata codes that were included in previous compilations. A detailed documentation is in preparation for the next release. Therefore, users are still advised to consult the original references and to come to their own conclusion regarding the quality of the data.

For data access, please select the continent and right-click on the region of interest. Use the "save link as..." option of the right-click menu to download the respective data.

Version history

  • 2018/12 - 58,536 data points (35,523 terrestrial; 23,013 marine); no quality documentation
  • 2012/10 - no quality documentation
    Release 2012 Global Heat Flow Compilation Group (2013): Component parts of the World Heat Flow Data Collection. PANGAEA, doi: 10.1594/PANGAEA.810104